Innovative Animal Products offers a comprehensive line of veterinary orthopedic supplies and devices related to External Fracture Fixation, Internal Fracture Fixation, and Joint Stabilization.

GPI Bone Models

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GPI Anatomicals is the largest manufacturer of anatomical models for pharmaceutical companies, with over three million models distributed in medical offices throughout the world. Founded by Scott Galloway in 1980, GPI Anatomicals specializes in plastic product design and uses every major plastic manufacturing process to produce proprietary designs of realistic, anatomically accurate models used primarily for drug promotions and patient education.

The development process for the anatomical models requires each detail to be checked several times for medical accuracy. Studies indicate that information is conveyed faster and with better understanding using anatomical teaching models than with any other method.

With its initial anatomical models, GPI specialized in custom designs. In 1996 the company expanded its product line to include a wide variety of stock anatomical models, now with 55 different models. The stock models cover a wide range of specialties for both humans and veterinary models. Nearly every part of the human anatomy is represented, from skin, bones and arteries to eyes, brain, kidneys, prostate, breast, lung and teeth. A newer line for veterinarians include canine hip, spine, elbow, shoulder, jaw, heart and ear. The models are invaluable in facilitating patient education and can be customized.

Innovative Animal Products has been a distributor for GPI since 2008. We decided to offer our veterinary customers these models so they could easily explain surgical techniques to their clients. We also sell the stifle model with the TightRope® and Suture Anchor implants applied to the model for ease of explanation.  


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