Innovative Animal Products offers a comprehensive line of veterinary orthopedic supplies and devices related to External Fracture Fixation, Internal Fracture Fixation, and Joint Stabilization.

TPLO Plates

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Advantages of the Innovative TPLO Plate™

  • Surgeon friendly plate fits contour of osteotomy
  • Eliminates unwanted intra-articular screw placement
  • Allows surgeon to perform a centered osteotomy with adequate room for the plate
  • Compression of fragments along the entire arch of the osteotomy and as a result, faster bone healing
  • Compression is achieved with round holes to eliminate micro motion and more rigid fixation
  • Machined from 316L surgical steel
  • Designed to fit each osteotomy (30mm, 24mm, 18mm)
  • Utilizes all cortical screws
  • Ease of Contouring to anatomy of individual tibia

Plates available in the following sizes:

Part Number Description
TPCPLTL18   Size 18 Pre-Contoured Left 
TPCPLTR18  Size 18 Pre-Contoured Right
TPCPLTCL24 Size 24 Pre-Contoured Left
TPCPLTCR24  Size 24 Pre-Contoured Right
TPCPLTBRCL24 Size 24 Pre-Contoured Broad Left
TPCPLTBRCR24 Size 24 Pre-Contoured Broad Right 
TPCPLTBRCL30 Size 30 Pre-Contoured Broad Left
TPCPLTBRCR30 Size 30 Pre-Contoured Broad Right

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