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The TPLO (tibial plateau leveling osteotomy) surgery was originally developed by Dr. Barclay Slocum. Dr. Slocum patented a BI-radial saw blade, a special plate, and the procedure using his blade and plate. He also offered training for the surgery. Everyone who was trained by Dr. Slocum was required to purchase his brand of equipment and sign an agreement stating that they wouldn’t train anyone else with this procedure.

Dr. Eric Thorsgard started working on his own method and procedure improving the Slocum technique. With one such improvement the saw blades are designed to be used on any type of oscillating saw.

Advantages of Innovative TPLO System™

Cannulated saw blade

  • The saw cannulation allows the saw cut to be made precisely and easily, this reduces the learning curve dramatically.
  • The mandrels of the saw blade are designed to hold 6 different radius blades (2 blades per mandrel), dramatically reducing the cost per blade to have many different radius cutting blades available for different sized dogs.
  • Teeth are cut on both ends of blade allowing it to be flipped over for use on other end.
  • Made of Stainless Steel and can be resharpened up to 3 times on each end of the saw blade.

Drill guide bar and angle gauge

  • This guide and gauge ensure that perpendicular holes are drilled on either side of the radial cut. The proximal hole placement is determined by the angle gauge.
  • The angle gauge makes a very accurate measurement and placement of the perpendicular screw holes for the TPLO plate that will determine the precise rotation of the tibial plateau.


Patella Luxation Saw



Step-by-Step Procedure Page:
Download the TPLO Step by Step Instructions

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